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The design of the Wildcat prosthesis allows a Type 3 canal-wall-down tympanoplasty to be performed in the absence of the stapes superstructure. Manufactured from titanium in lengths from 3.00 to 5.50mm, it is available with a choice of solid or hollow base, and with the option of a hydroxyapatite head. For further details, including a video, click here.

The Megerian Nitinol SRP is designed to connect an eroded incus to a stapedotomy, or mobile stapes with absent superstructure. The tapered nitinol arms are heat-activated, to give ideal closure round the incus. It is supplied in lengths from 4.00 mm to 5.00mm, with a trimmable 0.6mm fluoroplastic shaft. For further details click here.

Grace Medical's Endoscopic Instrument Set was designed in conjunction with members of the IWGEES (International Working Group on Endoscopic Ear Surgery). It comprises 8 instruments and a 360° rotatable suction adapter. For further details click here.